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Thank you for your interest in joining the Wadsworth Area Chamber of Commerce.

We would love to have you become a part of our team, working to keep business thriving in Wadsworth!

Our application form for membership is based on our fiscal year of January 1 through December 31 of the current year. All dues are pro-rated.

Member Benefits
There’s no “one big thing” we can do for you; it’s all the little things we can do…therefore, it is beneficial for your business to partner with us for many reasons.

Wadsworth is certainly growing fast, and the Wadsworth Area Chamber of Commerce exists to help grow new business, expand current business, and to save you money on your bottom line.

The main benefit is the “Networking”. Our Chamber is dedicated to supporting its members, and we are excited you are interested in becoming a member of this Chamber! We are extremely active and have a great time at all our events, while also providing GREAT networking opportunities.

With our help, you can grow your business in our community. We work hard to put you in front of potential new clients and existing customers. We are never shy or too busy to set things in motion for our members, whether it’s right here in Wadsworth, our region, or our country. Your investment in this Chamber gives you choices of the many benefits you may need.

Your membership offers you opportunities including, but not limited to…

Chamber Health Benefits Plan

The Wadsworth Area Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Akron Chamber and SummaCare have partnered to offer small business members new option to provide health benefits to their employees. The Chamber Health Benefit Plan is a multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) that allows employers with 50 employees or fewer to join together to share in the healthcare costs of their employees. Being part of a larger self-funded pool, employers can receive potential savings and have their financial protection against unexpected claim costs.

Benefits of the Chamber Benefits Plan

Competitive Rates
A verity of SummaCare PPO plan designs including HSA-compatible plans
Multiple provider network and pharmacy plan options
Competitive health and wellness services

What is a MEWA?

A multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA), also described as a multiple employer trust, is when a group of employers pool their contributions in a self-funded benefits plan for their employees. It is governed by a board of trustees who works on behalf of the members.

What is the difference between a MEWA and a more traditional insurance program?

A MEWA is a self-funded plan.  Many groups will be able to experience a competitive rate that may not be available through traditional insurance programs. In addition, a MEWA can provide predictable, fixed monthly payments and protection with stop loss insurance.

Do I need to be a member of the Greater Akron Chamber to participate?

Yes. In order to be eligible for membership, you must be a member in good standing of the Greater Akron Chamber or join at time of enrollment. Talk to us about regional membership with the Greater Akron Chamber.

What size employers can enroll in the MEWA?

The MEWA is available to businesses with 50 or fewer employees. This includes companies with as little as one employee.

Are there different plans and network options available through the MEWA?

Yes. A variety of plan options are available including several new plan options for 2020.  Employers also can select from various SummaCare provider networks depending upon their needs.

Are there ancillary options available?

Yes. Participating employers in the Chamber Health Benefits Plan are eligible for discounted life programs offered by SummaCare. Ask about your options upon enrollment. 

How do I get a quote?

To get a quote, contact your broker or contact the Wadsworth Area Chamber of Commerce at 330.336.6150


The Wadsworth Area Chamber of Commerce has approved and endorses Sedgwick as third party administrator for Workers’ Compensation and Group Rating programs.

The Wadsworth Chamber is working with Sedgwick to offer a full complement of workers’ compensation and unemployment services to members, including:

Group Rating & Group Retrospective Rating
Destination Excellence Programming
Self Insurance Program Management
Unemployment Program Management

This endorsement is one that brings real value to our membership and our Chamber. By working with Sedgwick, you and other members will be able to enjoy consistently competitive rates, fees, and superior service.

If your organization is not yet participating in this member benefit, and you would like to receive a free, no-obligation analysis from Sedgwick, email Robert Nicoll at

 Contact Sedgwick:
Robert Nicoll
Phone: 330-418-1824

 Sedgwick Safety Resource Page


We are pleased to announce that our Chamber has partnered with Community Energy Advisors (CEA). CEA is a Public Utilities Commission of Ohio certified energy management firm that educates and empowers organizations of all sizes to maximize the economics of their energy assets.

Through the Chamber Energy Program, CEA provides Chamber members with Education, Savings, and Protection on both regulated and deregulated energy expenses. With a credible partner looking out for your bottom-line, you can enjoy peace of mind and “budget-ability” when it comes to your utility costs.

Education: The regulated and deregulated energy markets are increasingly complex. To aid you in remaining proactive, making informed decisions, and budgeting your utility expenses, CEA provides timely and relevant information.

Protection: To help protect you from scams, fraudulent activity, and unexpected costs, CEA provides informative emails, blog posts, and seminars.

Savings: Paying more than you should for electricity and natural gas can add up to thousands of lost dollars that you could be investing back into your business. The Chamber Energy Program creates “market power” by shopping members together, driving suppliers to compete for their business and ultimately reducing energy prices. Ensure you are paying the most competitive market rates by enrolling in the program!

To view available rates and enroll online today, simply grab a recent copy of your electric and natural gas bills, and click the enroll button below. Please note that if you are currently with the City of Wadsworth Municipal Electric utility, you are only eligible to shop your natural gas with the Chamber Energy Program.

If you are looking for information to help you cut out the noise, protect you company, and take control of you energy budget, visit CEA’s Energy Resources Center by clicking the CEA logo below.


  • Annual Rosie Awards
  • Business Showcase
  • Golf Outing
  • Easter Basket Auction
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
  • Health Insurance Group Plan
  • Group Rating for Workers Compensation
  • Discounted Rates on Group Advertising
  • Member to Member Discounts
  • Bulk Mailing Discounts
  • Community Magazines and Publications
  • Leads and Referrals
  • Label Purchasing Program
  • Newsletter Advertising
  • Monthly Membership Meetings
  • Business After Hours
  • County-wide Programs and Events
  • Business Spotlights
  • Presence on Our Website
  • Weekly E-Newsletter
  • Business Seminars/Workshops
  • Email Updates
  • Sponsorship of Well-Publicized, Highly-Attended Events
  • Advertising and Public Relations Opportunities through Various Chamber Marketing Vehicles
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Direct Marketing/Demographic Information
  • Information and Voice of Business Membership
Membership Pricing
Your membership cost will depend on the size of your company.
$225 – Base Rate, including up to three full-time employees
$5 each – Next 4 – 49 employees
$3 each​ – Next 50 – 99 employees
$2 each – ​Next 100+ employees
Your membership cost will depend on the size of your company.
$225 – Base Rate
$25 – Each full-time employee
You must have a 501-C status with a budget under $100,000, (over $100,000 calculate business membership) or be a retiree, teacher, clergy, local government office, or service club.
$125 – Rate
*Two part-time employees = One full-time employee
*Membership is automatically renewed each year, unless advanced written notice of cancellation is received and confirmed.
Package Memberships



$375 – With discount
$225 – Base Rate, including up to three full-time employees
$135 – Attend up to 9 Chamber Luncheons
$35 – Ticket to our annual Rosie Awards
5% – Discount
$20 – Total Savings


$580 – With discount
$225 – Base Rate, including up to three full-time employees
$135 – Attend up to 9 Chamber Luncheons
$35 – Ticket to our annual Rosie Awards
$225 – Large newsletter ad
$35 – E-Blast
10% – Discount
$65 – Total Savings
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